Karim. Architect. Self-Employed. Married to Maya, a rising fashion consultant. 2 children.

Karim and his wife lead a hectic life. They barely find the time to attend to any personal task or spend memorable family time during their vacations. That’s when they decided to subscribe to two individual I memberships from S SIGNATURE. Their Lifestyle Manager helps them take care of their mundane tasks, from organizing last minute dinners for their guests, to supervising home maintenance chores, to booking educational activities for their two children...

Being a very socially active couple, they always rely on S SIGNATURE to get them gifts for the various occasions they are invited to – no matter how last minute. Knowing them up close and personal, their personal Lifestyle Manager makes sure they stay at the best hotels when they travel and that they dine at their favorite style of restaurants.

Recently, they commissioned S SIGNATURE to organize a family trip to Paris. They got the bonding time they asked for: Karim and his son attended a tennis match, while the ladies spent a girls’ day out visiting workshops and private sales with S SIGNATURE’s personal shopper. Their children got passes to a sound and light extravaganza that kept them hypnotized for months, while mom and dad enjoyed a rare jewelry exhibition followed by a romantic “invitation only” concert. And that was only the beginning.