Farid. Divorced. Mid 50’s. Real Estate Developer. 2 children.

He has worked hard throughout his career, and wants to enjoy that balance in his life that allows him to spend quality moments with his children. That’s when he decided to subscribe to the S membership from S SIGNATURE. Having a dedicated Lifestyle Manager, he knows all of his chores and extravagant requests are taken care of. He has time to think up his next boat trip in South America that he promised to his children. In his bureau sits a limited edition painting that he was able to find only with S SIGNATURE’s help, and a picture of him with his family at Cannes Film Festival for which his Lifestyle Manager was able to put their names on the VIP guest list.

Farid’s love for life is highly reflected in his appreciation of rare items, which S SIGNATURE makes sure he gets. His Lifestyle Manager also represents him in auctions where he can acquire the best deals for the items he is fond of. Now, Farid is preparing his daughter's wedding in Russia, and his Lifestyle Manager is helping him organize a dream event at Peterhoff Palace. As a wedding gift, he trusted S SIGNATURE to customize an unforgettable and exceptional world tour honeymoon.